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Part of Tuesday Night Schedule

One more note tonight, folks (yes, I’m still up…doing delegate and TFRW work) – I have just learned two important notes:

Sen-to-be Ted Cruz will speak during the 9 o’clock hour on Tuesday night. This will be 8 pm hor for you folks in Texas.

Also, very importantly, the Oak Ridge Boys will sing during prime time Tuesday night. I am a Big ORB fan, so this excites me a lot. 🙂

Hope y’all are sleeping and don’t see this until later this morning!

Saturday/Sunday Night Update – RNC Rules Update

Well, it has been a good but VERY long day. I’m quite tired, but wanted to update all of you faithful readers. My blog “viewers” have greatly increased over the last day or so, so I hope that means that all of you are sharing my posts with your friends and recommending my website to them. Thank you!

We got in safely yesterday evening, only to find out that due to the weather conditions, the RNC and Florida Governor Rick Scott had chosen to cancel Monday’s Convention schedule. I was on a conference call with Bill Harris, CEO of this Convention, and RNC Chairman Reince Priebus, who assured us that the call had to be made early and they wanted to avoid the possibility of even one accident, and the probability of hundreds of delegates having to stand outside in driving rain.

Now it seems that Isaac won’t hit Florida at all, but will make landfall in New Orleans. Prayers for Louisiana and Gov Jindal. We share the hotel we’re at with the Louisiana delegation, and I’ve gotten to know several of their delegates. They are wonderful people, and we pray the storm lessens significantly before hitting there (or anywhere).

We had dinner in dowtown Tampa last night, where we met the owner of The Colonnade. He is a fantastic Conservative who wanted to welcome us to Tampa and assure that he and his family did indeed build their small business from a small drive-in to one of the most successful seafood dining restaurants in the Tampa Bay area! Here’s a picture of the sign he posted outside the restaurant doors. While we chatted up the owner, the waitress came and told us that someone had paid our entire dinner bill, saying only that they were proud of me making delegate and of the work I was doing for Texas and America and to “keep it up!” Wow! To my mystery benefactor – thank you! The fried gator was delicious!

Even though today (Sunday) wasn’t an “official” convention day, there was a lot to do. Registration is going smoothly, handled by the ever talented and wonderful RPT staff, especially Chairman Munisteri and Deputy Executive Director Chris Elam. They deserve a round of applause – do it now…or whenever you see them next. Or both. 🙂

We are now loaded down with Convention “swag,” 4 shirts, a cowboy hat, ties, scarves, pins, and, of course – CREDENTIALS! (Yay!) I grabbed lunch with my dad and two other amazing people from CD 19 – Lance and Jane Cansino. Many of you will know Jane’s name because she is our SREC Committee woman for SD28 and the chairman of the RPT Candidate Resource Committee, which fundraises and donates money to the campaigns of our “down the ballot” candidates. She does an amazing job and it’s an honor to count her and Lance as dear friends. I’m glad to be in Tampa with them! Ran into all of the CD 19 delegates and alternates at one point or another today. Everyone is excited and ready to get to work!

Some of you probably remember I was supposed to have a CSPAN interview at 3pm today. We were able to make the connection for a couple of minutes, but because of the storms moving in, the website kept shutting down. We are going to try again for tomorrow’s two interviews, and hopefully they will work then! In other “media” news – my interview with KAMC was supposed to air in Lubbock and across the state this evening. If any of you saw it, I’d be very happy to hear from you how it went/looked/sounded!

We had an official Texas delegation meeting at 3:30pm, where we learned everything Chris Elam knew about Tuesday’s schedule and plans. Because of the new schedule, I will be unable to attend the Right-to-Life luncheon on Tuesday honoring Governor Perry, because there would be no time to get back to the hotel in time to make the bus to the Convention Center. Regardless, I am SO proud of Governor Perry and the others being honored – for their dedication to the rights of the unborn.

We heard today from Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison (here’s a picture I snapped), and TX Land Commissioner Jerry Patterson. Both of them really fired us up and reminded us to do the work you sent us here to do, but also to cultivate strategies that will make sure we win back the White House and the U.S. Senate this November! Our delegation is strong, and we are a representation of how strong Texas is for Romney/Ryan 2012! In fact, a member of our delegation made this logo for us to show how excited we are! Feel free to use it on Twitter/FB/etc.

I was given the opportunity to address the entire Texas delegation this afternoon, and invite everyone to participate in the Texas Federation of Republican Women Scavenger Hunt. We have a lot of participants, and several of them are already scouring the hotel, securing business cards, taking pictures, and essentially networking with Texas and Louisiana delegates – which is the whole point of the Hunt. Remember to follow them on Twitter at: TFRWTeam1 – TFRWTeam12. I would like to take this second and thank Representative Charles Perry, Representative John Frullo, and Congressman Randy Neugebauer for donating prizes for this Hunt.

Lastly, we heard a report from our members of the RNC Permanent Rules Committee.  I have heard from many of you who are worried about the rules changes that 1) would allow the RNC to change the rules between conventions and 2) would allow presidential nominees to choose the delegates to the National Convention. Here’s what our committee members had to say on those points.

1) Although the original rule change stated that the RNC (entire, not voting/present) would have the ability to change rules in necessary cases between national conventions with only 2/3 support, our own RPT Vice-Chairman Melinda Fredricks proposed an amendment that changed that to 3/4 vote, and not within two years of a national convention. That is to say, the RNC cannot change the rules after September 30, 2014. This gives them a little leeway and flexibility in cases of emergency (where they should be able to come up with the 120+ votes), but not too much leeway so as to take advantage of a situation.

2) This one is VERY disturbing rule change. The original rule change stated that, if accepted, states would only be allowed to choose national delegates from a pool of “acceptable choices,” as determined by the presidential nominee. For incredibly obvious reasons, this is a very bad idea. A compromise was decided on, which I am still incredibly unhappy about, but is better than the first proposal. Both of our committee members signed a minority report, so it will be heard on the convention floor, but only if none of the 29 signers back off. The compromise is this: states will be able to choose their own national delegates, but the presidential nominees will be able to have, for all intents and purposes, veto power over delegates they don’t wish to be a part of the national delegation. From what I have been able to glean, most, if not all, of the entire Texas delegation will be voting against this, and I’ve heard from talking to other states’ delegates that they have been informed as to the change and are against it as well. I don’t know if we have a chance to beat this on the floor, but we sure are going to do our best! I’ll let y’all know how those votes go on Tuesday when we gavel in at 2pm.

I think that’ll do it for tonight – we’ll know more information about Tuesday after our delegation meeting tomorrow. Sen. Cornyn and soon-to-be Sen Ted Cruz will be speaking to us tomorrow – we’re sure to be pumped up by the time we’re done!

Hope all of you have a great night.

Thanks for all YOU’RE doing to further the fight where you are!





Me with some Arizona Delegates

Ran into some gung-ho AZ delegates tonight! The whole country is excited about Romney/Ryan and the new direction our country is heading!

BREAKING NEWS: Monday Session Canceled

We were just informed that Gov Rick Scott of Fl has canceled the first day of Convention (Monday) because of the people traveling into Tampa through Tropical Storm Isaac. Don’t know yet if that means Convention will last through Friday or not, but you’ll know when I do!


Quick Post: C-SPAN

Hey ladies and gents-

About to have my KAMC interview, but thought I’d let y’all know some fun news. I’m excited, and I hope you will be too!

C-SPAN contacted me today and informed me that I’ve been chosen as one of the delegates that they want to interview throughout the Convention! I’m not positive as to all the details, which they promise will be forthcoming, but I do know I’ll be participating in 9 separate interviews over the course of the 5 days (Sunday-Thursday). No word on whether or not they’ll be live, but I doubt it, so stay tuned for broadcast times, if they let me know.

Anyway – just wanted to share this little tidbit with y’all! I’m very excited and floored by the honor and grace that’s being bestowed on me on this trip – I am grateful to God for His blessings, and grateful to all of you for placing your trust in me. I won’t let you down.


Conference Call with Gov McDonnell (R-VA), RNC Platform, Media, and Weather Update

Howdy y’all!

Last evening, I had the opportunity to be on a conference call with the RNC, the Convention administrators and VA Gov Bob McDonnell. The Governor was a fantastic speaker. He was greatly encouraging and informative, not just about the upcoming Convention, but about the Rmney campaign, and how we can go forward winning votes and creating a dialogue when all of us return home, in his words, “utterly exhausted but exhilarated!”

He remarked that we desperately need to get the youth vote out. I concur. We cannot win without it, just as President Obama would not have won without it in 2008. As Gov !cDonnell reminded us though, we have the upper hand in the argument with young people. Jobs are at an all time low for their generation, while tuition and taxes are higher than ever. If they want a job now or when they graduate, young people would be best served by voting Romney-Ryan this November!

We also discussed the Party Platform. 116 members worked on the platform all this week and we will vote on it during the first session on Monday. There have been a lot of concerns about the pro-Life planks, due to Rep Akin’s very unfortunate comments this week. I have been assured that the Platform remains as strong as ever on that plank, along with many others that I know you care about.

When you elected me, I promised I’d hold people’s feet to the fire on pro-Life issues, and I intend to keep that promise. If the planks of our platform have been weakened due to political correctness, I will stand up for our beliefs and, more importantly, the rights of the unborn and lead a charge to strengthen the affected planks until they are as strong as they should be. Some say the parties’ platforms don’t mean anything anymore. I couldn’t disagree more. This is what we’re here for! I’ll keep you updated on this while in Tampa. I should know more pretty early afternoon on Monday. Watch for a post – even a quick one – then.

I know we have a lot of Dr Ron Paul supporters out there who don’t want to vote for Gov Rmney for one reason or another. Believe me, I sympathize. Rarely do Republicans get exactly the person they were hoping for when our nominee is finally chosen. I have been critical of Gov Zromney in the past, and there are still concerns…but I do believe this with all my heart: I believe Gov Romney loves and believes in our country. I believe he has good morals and will try to do what he thinks is right. And I believe our country as we know it will not survive Anton 4 years of the Obama Administration. No…that doesn’t mean I think we are going to have a civil war, but I do believe we will fall so far behind of where we should be a nation that we will be unable to recover within our lifetimes. Please search your heart, if you’re still holding out for Dr Paul and make the choice that’s right for all of America.

I was contacted yesterday by a reporter from KAMC/KLBK. I learned that the stations are sending Nick to Tampa to follow thenLubbock delegates around. So it looks like y’all will have some good video, photos, and interviews! Make sure to watch starting Sunday night. Mick is coming over to my house for an interview at 2:30 later this afternoon (Friday) in order to get some footage of me packing, of all things, and talking about how my journey started. It’s supposed to air Sunday night. Let me know how it looks! I’ll post the link here when it becomes available.

Lastly, I have received several messages and phone calls from many of you worried about me heading into the eye of Hurricane Isaac. I wanted to let you all know that it looks like all Tampa will be getting a good amount of rain on Tuesday – nothing else. The hurricane is projected to make landfall quite a bit west of Tampa, so we will be safe. Thank you for all of the kind concern…you make me very proud to be your friend and representative.

Thank you all for everything. I treasure all of the notes and messages I’ve been getting. You make me, if possible, even happier to be from West Texas. Please share this page with your friends. If you don’t want to do that, then please forward my messages on to your email loop so that people can be informed. This is important, folks. Stay with it!

I remain,
Humbly Yours,

More Convention Center Pics – Mobile App from the RNC

Sorry for posting a couple of times tonight, my friends. Hope you’ll forgive me!


Wanted to share a couple more fun “behind-the-scenes” photos of the Tampa Bay Times Forum being set up for the Convention next week. It’ll give you an inside look at several things.


Setting up rigging, etc.

Some workers up high – over 35,000 man hours have gone into setting the Convention up!

Some of the lighting – Red, White, & Blue – of course!

Just a portion of the rigging that is involved in the set-up.

Outside the hall – note the “hashtag” – #GOP2012 !!

More than 100 tons of equipment will be hanging from the ceiling during Convention. How many elephants is that? 🙂

More than 20 miles of cables connecting all of us during Convention!


Also – as I mentioned a few days ago – there’s a terrific new mobile app from the RNC. Attendees can use it to keep track of our schedules, etc., but anyone can download it and buy RNC things, see when speakers are speaking, etc. I would suggest this – you can post stories, etc. Also – make sure you’re using the site Convention Without Walls. The RNC is going to be sharing your posts and stories with all of us at Convention, so make sure you get plugged in!

Okay – that’s it for tonight – I promise! 🙂 Have a great night and leave me a comment or three so I know what y’all are thinking!