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#KVPinATX (Part 1 – days 1-50)

July 23, 2017

As my time in Austin draws to a close, I’ve thinking about my #KVPinATX posts. As all of you following me probably know, I’ve been trying to catalogue my time in Austin through daily posts. Sometimes I just post something that happened that day, etc. But every day I’m been in Austin – be it for 1 hour or 24 hours – I’ve posted something I’m grateful for. It’s helped me keep my eyes on what God has done for me this year. It’s funny – I started these posts as a way to help with homesickness. I decided instead of thinking how many days I hadย left in Austin (a countdown), I would countย up – highlighting something special that touched my heart each day. It hasn’t always been easy; some days it’s hard to feel thankful. But the discipline of not going to bed without posting something has really helped me to notice the small things that folks have done for me. I’ve heard from some people that it’s helped them too . . . that they watch for my daily posts to see what I’m grateful for. And I’m stunned that a project meant to turn my thoughts away from negativity has so touched other people. But I’m very grateful that it has.

So…….I decided it would be fun to have all of my #KVPinATX posts in one place. This project has turned into a journal of my time at the Supreme Court of Texas, and my adventured in Austin. If you’ve missed any of them, take a walk through the last year or so with me. Even looking at these posts is a good reminder of the way God can work in our lives if we let Him. I hope they can remind you to “look up” when you’re feeling down. Without further ado: my #KVPinATX story (Part 1)


August 13, 2016:

It’s happening ATX peeps; secured an apartment (after having mine yanked out from under me yesterday). I have an ATX address!

Sept. 12, 2016:

Just got my VIP Meet/Greet tickets to see !! …more like ๐ŸŽถ๐Ÿ˜๐ŸŽธ๐ŸŽน๐ŸŽค

Sept. 14, 2016:

First day in Austin: I’m grateful for adopted family that helps move furniture & for tacos after a hard day!

Sept. 15, 2016:

On my 2d day in ATX I’m grateful for Cinder being such a big helper at moving! day 2.jpg

Sept. 16, 2016:

On my 3d day in Austin I’m grateful for my sister surprising me and coming to see me!

Day 3.jpg

Sept. 17, 2016:

On my fourth day in Austin, I’m grateful for meeting up with fellow grads unexpectedly!



Sept. 18, 2016:

On my 5th day in Austin, I’m grateful for my pup – clearly I would never be able to fold without her help!


Sept. 19, 2016:

On my 6th day in Austin, I’m grateful for walking up to this sight every morning as I go to work.


Sept. 20, 2016:

On my 7th day in Austin, I’m very VERY grateful for my parents sticking around for a few days to help me get my apartment set up!!


Sept. 21, 2016:

On my 8th day in Austin, I’m grateful for friends who send me late-graduation-happy-new-job presents!


Sept. 22, 2016:

For my 9th day in Austin, I’m grateful for flowers from family AND ! So I have “something to smile about” ๐Ÿ˜


Hanging out at ‘s BBQ Roundup! Awesome job – this place is beautiful!

Also, is amazing.

Sept. 23, 2016:

For my 10th day in Austin, I’m grateful for John Williams and his soundtracks’ help in getting me through the work week!


Sept. 24, 2016:

On my 11th day in Austin, I’m grateful for the chance to attend ! Looking forward to a great afternoon of discussion!


Long lines at the food truck lunch, but awesome music while we wait!


Sept. 25, 2016:

On my 12th day in Austin, I’m grateful for a great Sunday message: we do indeed have a “Multi-Millennial Mission” as a church!


Sept. 27, 2016:

For my 13th day in Austin, I’m grateful for our staff attorney and the fact that he had a birthday! Happy Birthday Robert! ๐ŸŽ‰๐ŸŽˆ๐ŸŽ



Sept. 27, 2016:

On my 14th day in Austin I purposefully don’t have a picture because I’m grateful for all the “behind the scenes” folks at !

Sept. 28, 2016:

For my 15th day in Austin, I’m grateful for warnings like this that remind me not to do stupid things. ๐Ÿ˜‚


Sept. 29, 2016:

For my 16th day in Austin I’m grateful for my co-clerks introducing me to new food almost every day!ย #welovefoodย ๐Ÿ˜Šย #KVPinATX


Sept. 30, 2016:

It’s my 17th day in Austin & also 5 years since Rusty went Home. So I’m grateful, always, for his example to me. Miss you brother.


Oct. 2, 2016:

For my 18th day in Austin, I’m grateful for carpooling buddies – to Lubbock and back again!


Oct. 3, 2016:

On my 19th day in Austin (early as it is) I’m grateful for the Austin PD & officers that respond at 3am. I’m fine, no worries.


Oct. 4, 2016:

My 20th day in Austin I’m grateful for good news. For friends who walked w/ me through the storm. For blue skies after grey clouds


Oct. 5, 2016:

Awesome to meet today and pick her brain about current events. Thanks for the lunch date, Erica!

On my 21st day in Austin I’m grateful that even in stand-still traffic I can connect w/ my fellow motorists on a level.


Oct. 6, 2016:

On my 22nd day in Austin I’m grateful for being part of such an awesome clerk class! Also for our weekly ice cream dates…


Oct. 7, 2016:

On my 23d day in Austin I’m grateful for candy corn. And for a boss with a sense of humor. ๐Ÿ˜‰


Oct. 9, 2016:

It’s my 24th day in Austin. And I’m grateful…that feeling lonely makes me appreciate my family & friends more. Night all.

Oct. 10, 2016:

On my 25th day in Austin, I’m extremely grateful for the folks at the Texas State Law Library! ()


Oct. 11, 2016:

On my 26th day in Austin I’m grateful to be part of the family. Here we are having lunch together today!


In case you need some ideas for exercise.


Oct. 12, 2016:

On my 27th day in Austin I’m grateful for lunch dates with my BFF () in the shadow of our beautiful Capitol!


Oct. 13, 2016:

For my 28th day in Austin I’m grateful I get to praise God with my favorite Christian artist tonight!


Some pics from tonight’s Tour! Thanks for a terrific evening!





Oct. 14, 2016:

It’s my 29th day in Austin & I’m grateful for . May seem silly, but y’all are a huge encouragement & I’m glad to know you!

Oct. 16, 2016:

For my 30th day in Austin I’m grateful the Lord shows His faithfulness no matter where we are – to the thousandth generation.


Oct. 17, 2016:

It’s my 31st day in Austin and ! I’m so grateful I get to work for and learn from this man. Thanks, boss!


Oct. 18, 2016:

It’s my 32d day in Austin and I’m grateful for the folks who fight for the unborn here & across Texas every day!


Oct. 19, 2016:

It was great to see today! It had been awhile since we’ve seen each other, but great to catch up. Thanks for lunch!

For my 33d day in Austin I’m grateful for friends who have my back. You know who you are and you rock.

Oct. 20, 2016:

? B/c I get to build things for others to enjoy: “Prose is architecture, not interior decoration.”~Hemingway

So on my 34th day in Austin I’m grateful I was taught to love writing & – & for the chance to hone my writing skills

Oct. 21, 2016:

Mini reunion (aside: is it a re-union if you’re meeting for the first time?) today. Thanks for lunch, !

On my 35th day in Austin, I’m grateful for alums who watch out for each other. But especially today. โ˜บ๏ธ

Oh & also for the reminder that being part of the family means you’re “in” for life. You can never have too big a family!

Oct. 22, 2016:

For my 36th day in Austin, I’m grateful for Corp. Carvalho, who saw me eating alone & sat down to keep me company. Made my day!


Oct. 23, 2016:

It’s my 37th day in Austin and I’m grateful for former political foes that nonetheless become friends.


Oct. 24, 2016:

On my 38th day in Austin I’m grateful for my friends Phil & Carla Johnson. Today is Justice Johnson’s birthday, so Happy Birthday!


And I’ll say this: moving to Austin was much, much easier knowing they would be here already. ๐Ÿ™‚

Oct. 25, 2016:

It’s my 39th day in Austin and I’m really lonely. So today I’m grateful to have office decor that reminds me of home.


How to fix a bad day – KVP style.


Oct. 26, 2016:

It’s my 40th day in Austin & I’m grateful to be around lawyers & judges who teach me and embody my professional creed.


Oct. 27, 2016:

It’s my 41st day in Austin and I’m grateful for breakfast tacos. ๐Ÿ˜๐ŸŒฎ๐Ÿ˜


Oct. 28, 2016:

For my 42d day in Austin I’m grateful for impromptu visits from my LCU family!



Oct. 30, 2016:

It’s my 43d day in Austin and I’m grateful for being exposed to superb writing. Always be reading, folks. There’s always time!


Oct. 31, 2016:

It’s my 44th day in Austin and . Today (and always) I’m so grateful for my Lord, Who saved me “Sola Gratia”


Great lunch with today. Was great to meet you and pick your brain about issues – thanks for taking the time!

Nov. 1, 2016:

It’s my 45th day in Austin and I’m grateful for brothers, Marines, and love of country.


Nov. 2, 2016:

It’s my 46th day in Austin and I’m grateful for those who serve and sometimes lay down their lives to keep me safe.


Nov. 3, 2016:

It’s my 47th day in Austin. And I’ve never, ever been so happy to see my name on a list!


Nov. 4, 2016:

It’s my 48th day in Austin and I’m grateful to officially join the legal profession as a duly licensed attorney! ย  (Video of Swearing In)

Nov. 5, 2016:

On this, my 49th day in Austin, I’m grateful for all of you who’ve helped me hold off the darkness by acts of love. Thank you.


Nov. 6, 2016:

It’s my 50th day in Austin and I’m grateful for getting to share in Willett family gatherings. Happy Birthday Shane-David!


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