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Time at the TX State Capitol with Lt Gov David Dewhurst

March 22, 2013

Hey everyone!

Sorry it’s been so long since I’ve blogged, but school has kept me busy! With us at the halfway point in the TX Legislature now though, TX politics is heating up, and you know I’m in the middle of it!

Yesterday (Thursday, March 21, 2013), I coordinated a meeting with Lt Gov David Dewhurst with certain members of the Texas College Republicans from around the state. There were about 25 of us in attendance, and 7 of us were from LCU!

The Lt Gov had a catered breakfast brought into his official Reception Room, and spoke to all of us for quite some time. He told us stories about his dad, who actively participated in D-Day; he was gracious on fielding many questions on education, both K-12 and Higher Ed; he feels confident that Campus Carry will pass the Senate.

Gov Dewhurst was particularly kind to me during the meeting. At one point he singled me out and thanked me, in front of everyone, for standing by him and “having his back.” I’m grateful that Texas is blessed with such a man of character – it is not hyperbole for me to say I would follow this man anywhere, because I truly believe in him. I have taken verbal and professional “flak” for him, and I would do it again in a heartbeat.

After the reception, Gov Dewhurst took our whole group out on the floor of the Senate Chamber, took several pictures, and then allowed me to gavel in the TX Senate! It gave me chill bumps to say the words, “The Senate will now come to order and the Secretary will read the roll,” in such a beautiful and sacred chamber. I’m grateful for the Lt Gov in his kindness in offering me such an opportunity. It was a huge highlight of my life!

Immediately following, I headed to the funeral of our beautiful, wonderful RNC National Committeewoman, Borah Van Dormolen. For those of you who don’t know, Borah died from a massive heart attack on 3/11/13, and our state and Party mourned our loss together on Thursday. Many stories were shared, much laughter and tears…Lt Gov Dewhurst, one of Borah’s dearest friends, spoke and reminded us that Borah herself would not want us to give up the fight, so we better keep on if we don’t want her mad at us when we see her next! If anyone knows Borah, you know we don’t want that!

After the funeral and memorial, I spent some time visiting with the staff(s) of our two Lubbock representatives, Rep. Charles Perry and Rep. John Frullo, then headed for the airport for my flight home. But no… story does not end there!

When I got to the airport, I saw my flight to Lubbock had been delayed. But not just mine…for who shared my flight? None other than the Lubbock Legislative Trio, Senator Bob Duncan, Rep Charles Perry, and Rep John Frullo. We were soon joined by Fmr Speaker of the House Pete Laney and his lovely wife (they have been married 50 years – congratulations!), as well as Fmr Lubbock County Judge Don McBeath. We even saw TX Congressman from Round Rock, John Carter!

Since our plane ending up being delayed several hours, I was able to spend the time visiting with Reps. Frullo/Perry, Sen Duncan, and Speaker Laney. What a treat! We discussed TTU Law School (Sen Duncan was very encouraging), LCU (they’re all fans!), bills they’re each carrying, and *the budget* – which was really fun.

I was able to tell them my personal story about how the TEG (Texas Equalization Grant) has affected me, and how it really needs to be funded in this budget cycle. Gov Dewhurst pledged to me before I left that he would fight to get the TEG back in the budget, and Rep Perry informed me that when the House Bill on the budget was voted out of Committee that evening (He’s on Appropriations), they had restored TEG at 85% funding. I’m hopeful that will go to fully-funded by the time it passes the House, but that’s still very encouraging! I learned that Speaker Laney was the original author of the TEG *and* he even attended LCC(LCU) for a time, so there’s a bit trivia for you!

So…….rarely has a VERY delayed flight been so beneficial, but I’m grateful to have had the opportunity to visit with these gentlemen, learn from them, and have them listen to me. We are truly blessed with great public servants, ladies and gentlemen. Truly blessed.

For God, Country, and TEXAS,


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  1. Jane Strong permalink

    What wonderful opportunities were put in your path. Remember when we were talking with your family at The Egg and I about small miracles and how we can put them to work (i.e., my meeting with the blind lawyer in Dallas). Your day in Austin was another example of God’s hand at work. Thank you for sharing this delightful and important experience with me.

    God Bless,
    Jane Strong

    • Thanks Jane! God is so good, and I’m grateful He put these opportunities in front of me. I just pray I am always able to listen and be paying attention when He opens doors, because I always want to be an ambassador for Him and, to a lesser but still important extent, our Party, my school, and our District.

      Thanks for your friendship and instant support!

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