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Tuesday and Wednesday Morning Updates #cspanRNC #GOP2012

August 29, 2012

Hello y’all!

We are on the buses on our way to the session tonight, so thought I’d update you on some of what happened yesterday during sessions 1 and 2. I apologize for not getting a fully detailed post out – our bus did not deliver us to the hotel until 3:45 am, I stayed up until 4:40 or so finishing up some work, and then I was up at 6:30 am for a breakfast with Congressman Neugebauer. I fully expected to spend my afternoon writing Tuesday’s full update, but just had to take an hour’s cat nap instead, so I would be half-way functional while at Convention tonight. I’ll do my best to give you the highlights, and thank you for understanding.

Lt Gov Dewhurst spoke to us at the delegation meeting yesterday, and reiterated his full support for Ted Cruz and for seeing him elected. In a show of utmost integrity, in my opinion, Gov Dewhurst showed up on the Convention floor last night during Ted’s speech and cheered right along with the rest of the Texas delegation. Thank you, Gov Dewhurst – for your character in putting Texas first.

We also were pleased to have Tagg Romney speak to us yesterday morning. Much like his mother, Tagg does a great job representing his father, and shared many personal stories – a behind the scenes look at the SLC Olympics, how and why Romney started Bain Capital, and things we should do to convince voters back home to vote Romney/Ryan. Ann Romney did very much the same slam-dunk – performing in a wonderful fashion at last night’s session. She painted Gov Romney as Conservative, compassionate, and humble, and I think she really got it across. When Gov Christie complimented Gov Romney later that night (he was sitting in the audience after Mrs Romney’s speech) – Gov Romney was the only person in the audience who didn’t stand. His humilty is a welcome change to the arrogance of the current administration.

Our delegation meetings have hosted a ton of speakers – we’ve had Frank Lutz, Gen Abbott, Bill Flores, Aaron Pena, Susan Combs, and, today, Sen Rick Santorum. I’d love to talk about all of them individually, but because of time – I’ll focus on Sen Santorum’s speech this morning. There are almost not words to describe what a powerful speaker he is to a smaller crowd. I listened to his speech on the floor last night, and though it was great, it paled in comparison to his speech this morning. With quiet sincerity, he told us in no uncertain terms how much he appreciated the support, and how it was essential that we now unite as a Party behind Gov Romney and Rep Ryan. He had me in tears as he described his love for the Constitution and Declaration, having all of us close our eyes and think “American Dream” – denouncing the Democrats’ use of the “race card,” saying indignantly, “If I’m not mistaken, we fought a Revolution to get rid of ‘classes’!” I was proud to have a chance to chat with him for a few minutes, about Godly leadership and how I was home educated, and to thank him for all he’s done to eloquently express Conservative values in a real way.

I was fortunate to have an at-large delegate hand me her credentials last night, so I spent the entire night session on the floor as a delegate. My delegate chose not to give up his credentials last night, so thanks Tammi Sturm! You were so generous to do that! We’ve struck a deal and the CD-19 alternates will be sat as delegates for at least the first hour tonight.

Similarly to the Texas Delegation, the speakers yesterday at Convention are to numerous to specify, but the ones besides those I’ve mentioned that stood out to me were: the performance of the Oak Ridge Boys (their acapella rendition of “Amazing Grace” set a tone for the night), Artur West, fmr Dem Rep from AL (who spoke vehemently to those Democrats who are dis-satisfied with Obama – I felt like he was very persuasive), our very own Ted Cruz (of course), who gave a masterful performance – having the podium drop down and not using the teleprompter. Those of us who have heard him in Texas knows he gives a wonderful speech, but now the nation knows what a gem is heading to the U.S. Senate! Lastly, there was Gov Chris Christie – wow – he was the absolute BEST choice for keynote speaker. He seemed to speak in “quotable phrases” last night, but the one I’ve heard repeated again and again was his line: “A real leader doesn’t follow polls – a real leader CHANGES polls!” Well, well done, Gov Christie.

Lastly, as we have just arrived, I’m sorry to say the committee reports all passed, despite strenuous opposition. Chairman Priebus ignored some points of order – which the entire Texas delegation was yelling for, until they cut the mic. Maine’s replaced delegation was sat, and Rule 12 passed. We did a roll call of the states, and Gov Romney received the overwhelming majority – 2061 delegate votes in all. Rep Paul Ryan was nominated by acclamation. I know everyone is disappointed by the actions of the Chair yesterday, as was I. I feel that a simple call for a roll call vote or a standing vote would have eliminated much of the distrust in leadership, as it would have stopped the rumors that the “no” votes were actually louder than the “yea” votes to pass reports. I will say this, however, where I was sitting in the alternates section, there was a lot of “voting” during those times from alternates and guests throughout the Forum (Convention Center), so that, in theory, could be why it sounded like the “no’s” had it. It’s important that we follow the rules at all times, so that we are without reproof when the situation is decided.

I spoke too early – we are now circling downtown Tampa, as we did yesterday. The accommodations in transportation have been lacking. Our bus drivers don’t have the right directions, or they don’t send enough buses to pick us up…it’s been a bit nightmarish.

So, I’ll wrap up with this: I have been continuing my interviews with Peter Slen of C-SPAN. They are available on this website: Scroll down the “hangout’ section of that page and all of the interviews are there. I’m also told Nick with KAMC will interview me at the Convention tonight, and that plus my interview with him last week will air together tonight. I’ll let y’all know for sure that it does, and if you see it – let me know how it looks!

I think we *might* be heading in the right direction now, so I’ll sign off.

Until next time I remain,


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