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Tuesday Morning – IMPORTANT RNC Rules Update #GOP2012

August 28, 2012

We are in the middle of our Texas Delegation meeting, but wanted to update y’all – there will NOT be a Minority Report on the Rules Committee Report today on the floor. With the deletion of Rule 16a2, members have “unsigned” the Minority Report, so we do not have the necessary 29 members for a MR to be presented on the floor.

Additionally, people have submitted, in writing, in advance, a call for the question on the Committee Report, so the only vote will be an up/down vote. It is my estimation that this report WILL pass on the floor, despite objections by many delegations, including Texas. With this decision, we will have to stay on top of our RNC, in order to ensure that they do not change the rules in a way that would infringe on our liberties as citizens and members of this Grand Ole Party.

I’ll keep updating from the Convention floor, but I am about to go interview with CSPAN again – so remember to go to: – you can watch our “hangouts” on that page, and watch my tweets on the “featured delegates” tab. Scroll down slightly and you’ll see both section.

For Texas,


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  1. Plasker permalink

    Good job Kristen. Thanks for the update.

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