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More Convention Center Pics – Mobile App from the RNC

August 21, 2012

Sorry for posting a couple of times tonight, my friends. Hope you’ll forgive me!


Wanted to share a couple more fun “behind-the-scenes” photos of the Tampa Bay Times Forum being set up for the Convention next week. It’ll give you an inside look at several things.


Setting up rigging, etc.

Some workers up high – over 35,000 man hours have gone into setting the Convention up!

Some of the lighting – Red, White, & Blue – of course!

Just a portion of the rigging that is involved in the set-up.

Outside the hall – note the “hashtag” – #GOP2012 !!

More than 100 tons of equipment will be hanging from the ceiling during Convention. How many elephants is that? 🙂

More than 20 miles of cables connecting all of us during Convention!


Also – as I mentioned a few days ago – there’s a terrific new mobile app from the RNC. Attendees can use it to keep track of our schedules, etc., but anyone can download it and buy RNC things, see when speakers are speaking, etc. I would suggest this – you can post stories, etc. Also – make sure you’re using the site Convention Without Walls. The RNC is going to be sharing your posts and stories with all of us at Convention, so make sure you get plugged in!

Okay – that’s it for tonight – I promise! 🙂 Have a great night and leave me a comment or three so I know what y’all are thinking!







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  1. Good stuff!

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